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My Manifesto for COP26 and beyond(Oct21)

I’m delighted that Cop26 is getting a lot of attention.  I think it’s great that young people – with Greta leading the charge – are voicing their anger at what’s happening to the climate.  It’s incredibly positive that more and more businesses around the world are trying to make meaningful changes. Not so good is […]

Too many boardrooms are climate incompetent (Feb21)

Very interested to see this FT article lamenting the lack of directors with expertise in climate and ESG issues.   I am proud of what I managed to achieve during my short tenure as a NED at Big Yellow.  This was not done simply by suggesting a Net Zero target by a certain date, but by backing […]


My son, Monty, has worked out how we can save over £2,000 per annum on our energy bills – and smart meters are a key factor in the savings.  Even more important than that smart meters will play a key role in a shift towards a renewable energy powered UK.. The critical factor in this […]

Articles for the Financial Times (Mar11 & Jun11)

I’ve started writing for FT House & Home.  My first article, co-written with Fiona Harvey in March 2011 was about Feed in Tariffs – Enlightened Energy.  The second one was on Eco-technologies at home – Electric Green. It was published in June 2011. Future articles will include one on eco-renovating my London flat.