TV Clip from ‘Kilroy’ with recognisable faces! (1989)

I was amazed to discover this edition of Kilroy in my archives. I remember doing it but I didn’t remember how many well known people were participating.

Stephen Fry looking very young but who sadly doesn’t speak. Imran Khan who was a prominent man about town at the time – and is now President of Pakistan. Elizabeth Emmanuel, designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. David Icke before he went really bonkers. Tracy Worcester who has become a big campaigner with Farms not Factories. Tessa Tennant, who was a key figure in starting ethical investment. Not forgetting Jonathan Porritt, who gave a couple of chaps a hard time – from the water and electricity supply industries.

The other noteworthy thing about this video is that it was one of the first programmes showing how mainstream businesses were responding to ‘green consumerism’. It includes a chap from Boots talking about CFC free aerosols and a lady from Habitat talking about tropical hardwoods.

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