Oh my god. I thought that #IKEAa was a #sustainability leader. Apparently not. Illegal harvesting of #timber shown here in documentary produced by my friend Jeremy Bristow...Only seen the trailer, so far but want to know what Ikea are going to do about this....???

Welcome to the Force ... - #iTunes I think #CloverHogan is a #ForceOfNature. At only 20 she's taking a lead in tackling '#ClimateAnxiety'. This is causing some young people to feel a sense of hopelessness and real fear about what's happening to our planet.

I co-founded Haller with Louise Piper, but am no longer directly involved. However, delighted to see them launch the Haller Farmers App - - 'designed to improve the lives of smallholder farmers by providing open access to farming…


Thinking, Campaigning, Writing, Speaking, Advising, Challenging, Doing, Experimenting & Learning…

With over 30 years in the green sector, it’s exciting to see how sustainability is now part of mainstream thinking – and I’ve played a part in that.

When, I started working with John Elkington in 1986 we wanted to show people the connections with the choices they were making every day and their environmental impact. Our Green Consumer Guide, published in 1988 got this idea off the ground.

Since then, I’ve worked as a sustainability consultant, writer and speaker.My approach is challenging and at times provocative as I’m not interested in just supporting the status quo but aim to be a driver for change.

I’ve been eco-renovating my Dorset home for the past six years. My other top three projects are finding sensible solutions to problems created by our wasteful society, family planning in Africa and sustainability advisor to Loop Innovations.

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