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Clip from TV-AM with Anne Diamond 1989 – Julia Hailes interviewed about green supermarket products

Anne Diamond was very enthusiastic about green consumerism. On her programme again, I’m talking about the sort of ‘green products’ people could look out for. Actually, there weren’t that many and some of the discussion is out of date!

Researchers had managed to find organic crisps which contributed to saving the hedgehogs and even organic soya milk. I pointed out the Marks & Spencer had just started stocking organic produce, almost certainly because of the attention green consumerism was getting.

We also talk about biodegradable washing up liquid. I pointed out that all washing up liquids were ‘biodegradable’. The main issue with detergents at the time was actually about phosphates in laundry detergents. What I didn’t say was that this was only really a problem in a few areas around the country where there weren’t any phosphate stripping equipment in sewage treatment plants. Later the focus for detergents was about the temperature of the wash – reducing it saves a huge amount of energy. Nowadays most detergents will wash at 30C or below. That wasn’t the case then.

Just as Anne was asking me about unleaded petrol and catalytic converters the video cuts out and I have not idea what came next!

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