TV Clips – Fashion & Environment 1989 – Julia Hailes, Paul Smith and others interviewed.

Gosh – this video is actually quite funny. The lady from Next is incredibly competitive about what the company is doing. “I’m not going to let everyone else bring out green t-shirts” – She reinforces her lack of environmental knowledge and awareness by with this bold statement “Everything about green cotton is environmentally sound”. That’s nonsense.

Rather more rational is Paul Smith, talking about his approach to using natural fibres. “All I’m trying to do is to do my bit”..

Also features Greg McCarry from Mambo whose approach to dyeing clothes was exemplary. They also give money to Stop Ocean Pollution.

In the second half of the video I’m talking about the value of second hand clothes. When I’m asked about what I’m wearing I explain that my ‘skirt’ is actually a scarf and that I also use it as a table cloth too. It was a rather wonderful colourful silk striped material – but sadly, I’ve lost it.

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