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Frogs, toads and newts (Jun21)

I’ve just sent my first recording of toads and newts to the Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC Trust). Spotted the toads hiding in dark places by our compost heap. And the newts in one of the smaller new ponds we’ve created. They’re humming with tadpoles too.

I found a big and small Common Toad – I thought this was the female because it was smaller one, but apparently it’s the other way round… This is probably the male..

I joined the ARC Trust last year, but have only just started using it. Have downloaded a number of its guides – the most useful of which is Amphibian Identification. That’s how I know I found common toads and palmate newts! They also have reserves to visit, carry out training, campaign to preserve reptiles and amphibians – and lobby government.

If you want to record a siting – go to the Record Pool. The Record Pool is a national web-based amphibian and reptile recording database and a resource to collect data throughout the UK to enable monitoring of native populations for the purposes of conservation and ecology.

I’m going to see if I can encourage and spot other species – but hopefully, not the invasive ones.

Palmate newt found in our pond – I think there are lots more..

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