Significant life-changing benefits from family planning – CHASE Africa (May21)

CHASE Africa’s Impact Report has some really moving stories about how lives have been improved through having access to family planning. Of course, there are macro benefits to stopping an exponential population rise – particularly in relation to pressures on the environment. But, let’s not forget the human misery caused by not being able to choose the number and spacing of children.

Florence’s story
Florence, 30, from the Madi Okollo District, had her first baby at 16, and now has five children aged between three and 14 years. Without a main source of income, Florence and her husband are struggling to raise their children. Florence persuaded her husband that family planning was a good idea, and attended a community day clinic run by the project. There, she received advice about family planning and spacing herchildren. After some initial problems with a family planning device, Florence was fitted with a ten-year IUD. She says she can focus on bringing up her children, without worrying about having more.


Masika’s story
When the government imposed restrictions on travelling due to COVID-19, Masika was able to receive family planning at home through the project. Masika used to walk long distances to access health services for her children. The outreach day-clinics have helped her speak to a qualified doctor. Masika says she is now confident raising her three children, and will not be stressed trying to find further food, clothes and school fees for another child.

CHASE Africa supports organisations, on the ground in Africa, to make family planning available to rural communities

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