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I’ve had laser eye treatment (Dec10)

It’s brilliant – I’m over the moon! I now have 20:20 vision again. I had the surgery just before Christmas. It was totally painless – although a little frightening. But I was completely confident in the surgeon – Dr. Dan Reinstein from the London Vision Clinic, which he set up. I’ve been a contact lens wearer for about 35 years. And, for me, that meant putting them in every morning and taking them out every night. Now, I’m wondering what I should be doing once I’ve cleaned my teeth! It’s also great for reading. I was just beginning to need reading glasses, as well as my lenses – that meant a different pair of glasses for when my lenses were in and when they were out. It was quite a rigmarole.

From an environmental point of view, laser treatment is a good thing. I kept the waste from using lenses to a minimum, but there are lots of people who have disposables – and the cleaning fluids have to be changed regularly too. Looking around the London Vision Clinic, I did think there could be some improvements from the environmental perspective. For a start their letterhead is designed with their logo taking up the whole of the reverse side of the page – so single-sided is the only option. The lighting too is extremely bright, I suspect there could be some energy savings there. I think they should carry out an environmental review of their practices.

Overall, however, I have to say that the London Vision Clinic has been marvellous. The customer service is second to none. All the staff are very helpful. You have someone allocated to you to discuss any issues you may have. And the surgeon, in this case Dr Dan, is extremely attentive. The night after the operation I got a text to ask how I was – and it wasn’t automated – and there were further texts to check I was OK when I had some light sensitivity problems.

So I’m starting 2011 with clear vision. But my eye-sight was not the only thing to get sorted in 2010. But it has helped me feel liberated and as a result I’m starting the year with a massive clear out. One of the repercussions is having Lego all over the bathroom floor – it has been washed in preparation for being stored in the attic. There are also new initiatives on the work front too – I’ve decided to set up a campaign on E-Waste. More on that coming soon…

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