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Julia Hailes talking about organic produce (1989 Approx)

Organic produce was quite a niche market in the 1980s. I remember talking to a group of enthusiasts about getting it into the supermarkets and they were decidedly unenthusiastic about the idea. There was quite a purist approach and they didn’t want it to become too commercialised.

I couldn’t disagree more. There may be some debate about the different organic standards and whether the food is better for you or not. However, it’s absolutely clear that organic standards are better for the environment. This means that the more people who buy it the more land that will be farmed better. What’s not to like about that.

This video is a series of clips with me talking about the merits of organic produce – and includes some phone ins. Olivia Newton-John joins me on TV-am in one clip – she was talking about her daughter Chloe.

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