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Photos in the bath! (May07)

I’ve never been tempted to be a film star – for a start I’m no good at either acting or singing. But I’ve now discovered there’s another star quality that I lack – looking good in the bath!

Over the weekend I spent about 12 hours having my photograph taken for the Telegraph, who are serialising The New Green Consumer Guide, starting with an interview in Weekend Telegraph (12th May 2007). You may well wonder why they wanted to feature one of me in the bath. Guido Galante who came to pick up his son at midday on Sunday morning was certainly baffled when I appeared at the top of the stairs with a towel wrapped around me and told him what I had been doing. He looked rather relieved when I said that my youngest son Monty was also in the bath – I assume he was reassured that I wasn’t posing for Playboy!

The reason for the bath pose was to illustrate the compromises even a dedicated green consumer makes in eco-living. I explained in the book that having a shower (as long as it’s not a power shower) generally uses less water than having a bath. Even so I continue to have a hot bath most nights. But I do reduce water and energy use by sharing my bath with other members of my family – and sometimes friends too – hence Monty being included in my bathroom photo shoot.

Luckily for me the Telegraph agreed that the photos weren’t very flattering and so won’t be using them – at least not as a main picture (see photo above). Part of the problem was my prosaic approach in putting my hair up, and not putting make up on but another issue was trying not to be indecent, which meant the photos had to be taken from an unflattering angle – even when we put Fairy Liquid in to hide my nipples! (should I use that word in my blog?)

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