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Rosie Boycott – Our Farm (May07)

Now Rosie’s really skilled at PR. She’s managed to launch her book in London, Taunton and Ilminster and get reviewed or interviewed in every paper under the sun. I realise I’ve got a lot to learn from her in relation to my book, so luckily she’s very kind and offers advice!

Went to the Ilminster launch of Our Farm, just down the road from the farm itself – and very close to where I live. I haven’t yet read the book but I think many local people who featured came to the Friends Meeting House in Ilminster to get their copies.

Otherwise it was a wet weekend spent mostly at my desk trying to catch up on all the speeches and articles I am supposed to be writing. Had a break to go and watch Rowan Atkinson in Mr Bean on Holiday at the cinema. Another big distraction was discovering Google Analytics – it allows you to find out how many people visit your website, at what time of day and roughly which part of the world they come from…. I think it’s rather addictive…

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