Regional Radio Highlights, including Britain’s greenest school children (Feb12)

Regional radio highlights include: Radio Solent Somerset Sound:  Have been a regular guest Steve Rhodes [...]

Writing for the Financial Times (Jun12)

I’ve started writing for FT House & Home. My first article, co-written with Fiona Harvey in [...]

Articles for the Financial Times (Mar11 & Jun11)

I’ve started writing for FT House & Home.  My first article, co-written with Fiona Harvey [...]

Western Gazette (Feb11)

I’ve written regular articles for the Western Gazette including ones covering:   Closing Shop Doors [...]

Greenhouse PR – Nominated as an Eco-Hero (Mar10)

I’ve started working with Anna Guyer, founder of Greenhouse PR.  We are collaborating on a number [...]

Briefing paper on carbon footprinting and carbon labeling (Oct09)

Proctor & Gamble asked me to write a briefing paper on carbon footprinting, which I think [...]

Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine show (May09)

Fierce debate about food waste and the merits of ‘slop bins’ or garbage pages as [...]

Turning on the heat… (Nov08)

  My eldest son sent me a text ‘demanding’ that I put on the heating [...]

Plastic recycling is not where it should be (May08)

Most plastics can be recycled but that doesn’t mean they are. Recoup have been campaigning for more [...]


Between the Sheets (Apr08)

I spend quite a lot of time staying at hotels or other people’s houses, often [...]

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