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Solar powered lighting is good (Oct09)

My outside light is great. It’s a solar powered security light, with a movement sensor. I’ve had it up for a few months now and it’s works really well. It came from Eco Promotion – a website that sells lots of energy efficient products from light bulbs to radiator panels. (Not any more – Oct18)

We had to put up a small solar panel a little way from the light installation, so that it got some light in the day – but it’s not in a very bright spot because it’s on the North side of the house. Even so, it seems to get plenty of power for what’s needed. The light itself is above the back door. It seems to know before we’ve even started coming through the gate in the car because it’s always on, when I’m parking.

But, of course, the best thing about it, is that it doesn’t use any energy to run.

One of my worries when I moved to this house was that all the outside light installations literally gobbled energy, even if they’re only on for a short time. The one I had was at the bottom end of the range and still used 200 watts.

I’d definitely recommend solar lights wherever you can use them. I’m not such a fan of CFL lights with sensor that turns the light on when it’s dark – so it’s on all night whether you need it or not. I don’t think lights should be on when they’re not being used. A movement sensor makes much more sense.

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