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Water refill stations are coming (Oct09)

I generally carry a water bottle around with me when I’m travelling. It saves on buying bottled water on the move. Anyone who has read previous blogs of mine will know that I’m not a great fan of bottled water – lots of energy used in transport, packaging, waste etc…

However, according to the Guardian, London is going to introduce its first water refill machines in late October. They’ll be on trial. The ‘Hydrachills‘ as they are known, will be installed at Hammersmith Bus Station and at the Tower Bridge Museum. These machines will fill up to 500ml of chilled water for a small fee. Even better, the proceeds will go to Waste Watch, which is a charity working to reduce waste.

The hope is that the scheme will be extended to bus and railway stations, as well as the London Underground, ahead of the 2012 Olympics. Let’s hope they’re a success.

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  1. These water refilling stations will enable people to choose a more ethical solution to staying hydrated on the go. Lets hope more water refilling stations become available for commuters.

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