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Significant life-changing benefits from family planning – CHASE Africa (May21)

CHASE Africa’s Impact Report has some really moving stories about how lives have been improved through having access to family planning. Of course, there are macro benefits to stopping an exponential population rise – particularly in relation to pressures on the environment. But, let’s not forget the human misery caused by not being able to […]

Why is our MP not supporting the Dorset National Park? (May21)

Why hasn’t Chris Loder, Dorset MP, talked to the Dorset National Park supporters? Chris Loder contacted our Parish meeting in Hooke saying that he had significant reservations about a Dorset National Park, but without explaining why. He appeared to be soliciting opinion but failed to give any details of the pros and cons. I’ve now […]

Julia Hailes talking about organic produce (1989 Approx)

Organic produce was quite a niche market in the 1980s. I remember talking to a group of enthusiasts about getting it into the supermarkets and they were decidedly unenthusiastic about the idea. There was quite a purist approach and they didn’t want it to become too commercialised. I couldn’t disagree more. There may be some […]

Geo Mission – Environmental Sponsorship (Mar11)

I first met Pen Hadow when we were fellow judges for Morgan Stanley’s Great Britons 2004.   Since then Pen has been on a few more polar expeditions and more recently he’s set up Geo Mission – a company promoting environmental sponsorship.   I gave an interview for their magazine about why companies should be ‘doing more good, rather than less […]