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Walking into Slovenia (Jul11)

We walked over the mountains from Italy into Slovenia.   At the top the view was blue – we could see mountain ridges into the distance.

No-one else was there.  We didn’t come across any other walkers all day.  The first person we saw was an elderly farmer scything grass in a meadow.   The other striking thing about Slovenia – and actually Northern Italy – was the number of bell towers.  Every settlement had one.

The Soca river was turquoise blue.  After a couple of nights in Kobarid we walked along the valley to the town of Bovec.   The 20km walk wasn’t as arduous as the one over the mountains, even though it was longer.   But we were quite stiff when we arrived – and very pleased that we’d booked a massage.

We changed hotel to one with spectacular views and a spa.  But we soon discovered why it wasn’t on our itinerary – the food was terrible.   Actually, with one notable exception – Hotel Hvala in Kobarid – the the food wasn’t a highlight of this trip.

The trip was arranged by Inn Travel, who are brilliant at walking and cycling holidays.  Most appealing was that they transport all your luggage between hotels.   They also set up a great itinerary that wasn’t too challenging.

I found them through the Green Traveller website.  But I have to admit that we flew to Venice and took the train North from there before starting the walk.

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