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Swimming in sewage (Aug22)

I was very surprised to be told by the Environment Agency that no-one should be swimming in UK rivers because they were too polluted. My son and a couple of

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I Love Bjarke Ingels (Dec17)

Not literally, of course – I’ve never met him!  But, I have seen a documentary film about his life – The Big Time – and it was inspirational. For those

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Venice is sinking (Mar16)

It felt apocalyptic.  Exceptional flood levels. Sandbags.  Elevated planks to walk along. St Mark’s Square underwater and a deluge.  But I discovered that this was not very unusual.  And, it’s

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Incredible Edible was amazing (May11)

They’ve planted corn on the cob outside the police station. They’re lettuces in rose beds. And tomatoes on waste land.  There’s even vegetables planted by school children in the graveyard.  Incredible

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We need more Bedzeds (Nov09)

Bedzed – Beddington Zero Energy Design   William Steel, Generation Green Think Tank member   Did you know that cats give off about 10 watts of heat and dogs about

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