McDonalds responds well to Greenpeace (Mar07)

I haven’t been the greatest fan of McDonalds in the past but was impressed with their response to Greenpeace’s campaign in 2006 on soya used in chicken feed coming from newly cleared rainforest.  So I went to Naples to give a presentation to McDonalds European Management Team on sustainability issues.  This trip was covered in the Financial Times. And I’ve agreed to go to Chicago at the end of April to sit on a panel debate on the same theme to an audience of McDonalds international management.  They clearly weren’t too horrified by what I had to say because I was then invited to Chicago as part of a panel of experts to talk to an international audience of McDonalds restaurant owners and other employees.  We were told to be provocative and give our honest views of the organisation, which I enjoyed!  See My Blog for a detailed description of the trip.

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