Expert Panel on Packaging (2008-2010)

Between 2008 and 2010 I sat on a expert advisory panel on packaging at M&S.   [...]

Expert advisory panel on detergents (Fabric & Homecare) 2007-2010

The first meeting of the Fabric & Homecare expert advisory committee took place in March [...]

Trade Associations – Aise & Edana (Jun08 / Sep09)

  P&G are members of numerous trade associations.  A couple of them asked me to [...]

Christmas tree alternative! (Dec08)

  I got an email asking me whether I thought an artificial Christmas tree or [...]

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Yo Sushi is Wasteful (Dec08)

It’s a shame there’s not a Yo Sushi at Waterloo because that’s my regular train [...]


M&S Packaging fact sheets for consumers (Dec08)

Public concern about over-packaging so often misses the point that we should be looking at [...]

Wasting heat through open doors (Nov08)

This week I had a meeting with the Carbon Trust, a government-funded organisation that helps [...]

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Good riddance to US car companies (Nov08)

I sat next to a chap from Citicorp Bank for Sunday lunch at a pub [...]


Quantumly awful (Nov08)

I’m not planning see a James Bond film again unless it’s radically different from Quantum [...]

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Turning on the heat… (Nov08)

  My eldest son sent me a text ‘demanding’ that I put on the heating [...]